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Emergency Shut-off Valve for Natural Gas

             Available in 2", 3", 4", 6" and 8" Sizes

Inner-Tite Fire Valve
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The INNER-TITE Emergency Shut-off Valve is a modified Class 125 Cast Iron Body Swing Check Valve. The valve is intended for installation in the natural gas service line of large volume
gas users such as industrial plants or apartment complexes. The Inner-Tite Emergency Shut-off Valve is engineered to stop the flow of gas in the event of a fire.

Each Emergency Shut-off Valve is pressure tested to a minimum of 90 psig after final assembly. Recommended maximum operating pressure is 60 psig.


Conforms to MSS-SP-71, Type 1

Conforms to ANSI B16.10 and B16.1



How the Inner-Tite Emergency

Shut-off Valve Works


• The Fuse Plug is threaded into the cast iron valve cap and attached to a Spring connected to the Shut-off Cover, holding the cover in the open position.


• In the event of a fire, the exposed heat collecting fins on the Fuse Plug, transmit the elevated temperature to the fusible metal alloy which melts at
a temperature of approximately 165 Degrees Fahrenheit. When the fusible alloy melts, it releases the Shut-off Cover allowing the valve to close and stop the flow of gas.


• Horizontal installation is reccomended. Use care when installing vertically. Gas flow must be in the downward direction. Do not install inverted.